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Where Soca Needs To Go Next

Where Soca Needs To Go Next

Where Soca Needs To Go Next

Soca music has come a long way since its creation in the early 1970s. It has evolved and been perfected by many artists in the Caribbean and abroad. Earlier this month, Drake co-Signed soca star Machel Montano. This major move means a lot for the Caribbean, especially the soca market. All eyes are on us now more than ever, which means our music should showcase TOP QUALITY. Here are a few things we need to address in the soca market.

Prejudice and Racism in the industry

Diversity is what makes the Caribbean so magical. It should go without saying that no matter what colour or background, if you have talent and the ability to sing soca, you shouldn’t be discouraged. Our music should be inclusive, whether a White, Black, Indian, Spanish, Chinese or even Japanese person is singing it. We all have the same mission, which is to take the music further, so continue to do so with passion and integrity.

Lyrical content in soca songs

We know that artistes want to cater to the folks that want to wine and wuk up their waist. I get it; when soca music plays, you need to make sure you get that “extra piece of juk down.” But, does every soca song need to have the word bumper in it or center on winin’? What about tunes with more diverse lyrical content that talk about having a good time and falling in love?

Tunes like AllezNah Going Home and Soul on Fire are just a few examples of good writing content.

Creating more platforms for younger artistes

There is a huge amount of talent that comes from the youth across the West Indies. Besides a junior calypso monarch, there should be something that helps breed the talent that these young soca stars (30 years and younger) have. Whether these are artiste development and mentorship programs, donating studio space or otherwise, there should be as many opportunities as possible to support the future of soca.

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