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Author: DJ JEL

10 Ridiculous Things Said To Caribbean DJs

As DJs, we really enjoy our craft. We are happy to be behind the set and sometimes on the mic doing our thing. With this, however, comes a fair share of headaches. It is not all money, girls and fun. We’ve been amazed by what people say to DJs while we’re cranking out vibes, so we’ve put together our top 10 list of ridiculous things said to Caribbean DJs. Written from a foreign DJ point of view (This means that we play outside of the Caribbean) You are of Indian descent, what do you know about Caribbean music? Never...

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5 Things DJs should DO in a Soca Party

5 Things DJs should DO in a Soca Fete/Party This is based on the feedback from normal party-goers and complaints via social media. I thought that this post would be helpful for other DJs to become even better at their craft and to mash up soca fetes. Some DJs will hate me for this BUT Let’s get started! Let big tunes play Tunes like “Far From Finished” by Voice and “Single” by Orlando Octave deserve more than a five second play. Hell they deserve at least two verses for the crowd to pump to. Be sure to let the big...

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Where Soca Needs To Go Next

Where Soca Needs To Go Next Soca music has come a long way since its creation in the early 1970s. It has evolved and been perfected by many artists in the Caribbean and abroad. Earlier this month, Drake co-Signed soca star Machel Montano. This major move means a lot for the Caribbean, especially the soca market. All eyes are on us now more than ever, which means our music should showcase TOP QUALITY. Here are a few things we need to address in the soca market. Prejudice and Racism in the industry Diversity is what makes the Caribbean so magical. It should go...

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